Employee Responsibilities

All employees are encouraged to prepare themselves and their families to avoid significant impacts due to emergency situations. Information on how to prepare is provided in our Related Links section. Employees are expected to:

  • Immediately contact their supervisor if they are experiencing any influenza symptoms.
  • Follow the directions of their supervisor.

If a full University campus shutdown has been announced, employees are expected to:

  •  Report to their supervisors/managers/department heads prior to leaving campus.
  • Remain off-campus during the campus shutdown with the exception of those employees identified as essential.
  • Keep in contact with their supervisors/managers/department heads by phone or email and/or the University through the Main Acadia Web Site or Pandemic Information Web site to determine the state of alert on the campus and establish when they are to return.
  • Listen for updates via public service announcements on local radio stations.
  • Information on the University's closure policy is available from Human Resources

Once a re-opening of the campus has been announced, employees are expected to:

  • Report to work on the identified day, unless they have been advised otherwise by their supervisor/manager/department head or health care provider. If they are unable to report they are to contact their supervisor/manager/department head to indicate the reason (e.g. under quarantine, nursing an infected person, are ill with flu-like symptoms.)